The topic I chose was to examine the affects technology has had on religion since the rise of the internet. I believe that since the internet has been introduced to the public that those who practice religion is on the decrease. I think that I will find a decrease in regularly practicing individuals due to the increase of technology in our every day lives. More and more people are on the internet and are learning new information from it every day. From the internet people learn many new ideas and through these ideas it can lead them to stop practicing religion. I think people are learning about ideologies that directly oppose those given by religions. My question is, since the rise of the internet has there been a steady decline in people regularly practicing religion?

I plan to focus my question just in the United States of America. I will look at the amount of people who are practicing the three most common religions in the USA. I will look at the statistics before the internet was released to the public and then after. I will see if there has been a decline in the amount of people practicing since this time. After the statistics I will try and theorize why there has been such a decline. From an initial standpoint I believe people are learning more information about society and everyday lives that counter the views of their religion. The development of science also plays a huge role in the fall of religion, but being able to access this information whenever needed expediates this process. Religion used to hold immense power over the world, and in some ways it still was. I will argue that many people are moving away from what used to be so popular in the past. Since the people started to regularly use the internet they have had access to more information that disproves their previous ideologies. I believe this move is starting from a younger age as kids in today’s society are being brought up under different ideologies which is leading the change of guard.

I will use two sources to help me in my research. One of which being the website Through this website I will be able to see statistics regarding Christianity in the US. I will be able to see trends and predict where the US is heading in terms of religion. I can view their predictions as well and see the number of people who still remain practicing and their location. I will see if depending on one’s location will also lead to one to continue practicing, and if that location is subject to a lower technological usage rate. I will also use the Us religion census to see the total number of people in the US across all religions who are practicing. I can see exactly how the religions are fairing since the internet has gone public. I believe that in the more populous places in the US religion has been on a steady decline since the wide usage of the internet and technology.