For my final project I will discuss overpopulation, as it effects science, technology and society. Overpopulation occurs for many reasons, but extremely effects societies. It is very hard to live in an overpopulated society, such as certain regions in India and China. In locations like these people are effected by poverty and overpopulation increases this. The more children people have the harder it is to support a family and the average number of children per couple is much higher among poor people than wealthy or even middle class families. These poor families don’t have a way to support themselves because there are too many mouths to feed with such a small amount of food and money. Overpopulation effects the way the scientific and technological landscapes are formed because new science and technologies must be found to help support all the extra people on our planet as, well as finding ways to cheaply reduce birth rates. The reason overpopulation is starting to take effect on our planet is due to an increasing average life expectancy. People are beginning to live for much longer periods of time due to modern medicine and that includes a much decreased infant mortality rate. These two factors combined have lead to rapid increases in the population, causing overpopulation in many cities across the world. Overpopulation is clearly a very important problem that we need to find a way to deal with humanely because there is a limited amount of space and resources on our planet that can’t support the amount of people living here. My research question on overpopulation is “How has overpopulation affected our society and what are scientific and technological innovations that can help solve this problem?”

Essay format:

Paragraph 1:

Introduction to the topic. Vaguely explain overpopulation and how it effects our society. Vaguely explain how we are trying to fix this issue and ways that we attempted, but failed to solve the problem. Kind of use/write something similar to the first paragraph of the project proposal. Introduce my research question as my thesis and potentially build upon it a little bit

Paragraph 2:

Discuss how overpopulation has effected science tech and society in depth using sources. Write about the factors that helped cause overpopulation, bringing us to the point where we need to make a change. Focus on how overpopulation is forcing us to find new ways to solve this problem maybe think ahead to the future as to what would happen if we do nothing.

Paragraph 3:

Discuss what we are currently doing and have done to help fix the problem of overpopulation. Determine whether each policy move or innovation was helpful or harmful in attempting to control the population.

Paragraph 4:

Discuss what we can or will do in the future to fix overpopulation. Look to the future and challenge the reader to also come up with thoughts about how to solve the problem of overpopulation.

Paragraph 5:

Conclusion. restate research question / thesis. Discuss how it is an intricate issue that requires a lot of time and thought to be put into it because it is effecting the way everyone lives there lives and at the rate the population continues to increase living on earth will be impossible for many people because we don’t have enough land or resources.

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Overpopulation: The Causes, Effects and Potential Solutions

Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Solutions