Topic: Artificial Intelligence and its role and influence on human society.

Question: What impact has artificial intelligence (AI) had on the development of society, and what impact will it continue to have in the years to come?

Thesis: Through artificial intelligence’s integration and success in the human world, technology’s scientific progression has and will continue to make a significant contribution on mankind and will further establish itself as a means of human recreation through machinery.

For my research project, I am interested in exploring the significant impacts that artificial intelligence has made on humanity, as well as possible future integrations that artificial intelligence will continue to contribute to our scientific world. For example, I think it will be commonplace in society for artificially made automaton to walk amongst natural human beings as one, similar to the existence of Olympia in The Sandman. I plan on looking at The Sandman, by E.T.A. Hoffmann, a novel about an automaton woman named Olympia who is so realistic and appears so similar to natural life that she has the capability of making a real man fall in love with her. I will also look at Christopher Langton’s article, Artificial Life, and it’s reflection on the creation of life as it could be rather than life as we know it. This article explores the future possibilities that artificial life may have on science, technology, and society. I also have Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, to look at for another novel that illustrates the power (in this case: destructive power) of unnatural creation of life.

General Outline:

Introduction – Introducing the book(s) and the article I am using as reference; explaining Olympia and her story of making man fall in love with her; and developing my thesis that will focus on the ability of machinery to imitate human movements and behavior, technology’s development over time into the advanced AI that we know today, and the possible repercussions that accompany the creation of unnatural life.

Body Paragraph 1 – the truly intricate and advanced technological progression that is so life-like and so real that a human male cannot distinguish his love for a woman between his love for an automaton woman. Olympia’s painstakingly natural appearance, movements, and behavior make her indistinguishable for the unknowing Nathaniel’s longing heart, a concept that may have great relevance in future society as the advancement of technology continues rapidly.

Body Paragraph 2 – where technology first started (with specific reference to the first experiments of Olympia’s creators before their eventual move into AI) and it’s continuous and rapid progression into increasingly complex advancements. From the first inventions of the telegraph, telephone, Thomas Edison’s light bulb, etc. to where we are today with AI and constant scientific progression.

Body Paragraph 3 – the possible consequences of the unnatural creation of human life. We see both in The Sandman as well as in Frankenstein that this supposed “miracle” of artificial life created through machinery does not always end up the way in which it was originally planned. The repercussions can be detrimental and fatal to the creators, witnesses, and innocent bystanders.

Conclusion – need to be cautious of future developments of technology, ensuring that mankind always has the upper hand on technology, not letting technology get out of hand, etc.