Question: What can first world nations do to aid poor countries in battling diseases and pathogens with modern medicine?

How can modern medicine and technology from first world nations help in battling diseases and pathogens that present danger to poor countries across the world?


Imagine a world in which all people, no matter what ethnicity, religion, or culture were ready and able to battle disease and life-threatening ailments. Even people of the poorest and most isolated countries would be able to combat pathogens that would otherwise wipe them out of existence. First world countries such as the United States and Great Britain now have treatments and preventative measures to protect their people from deadly diseases like the Influenza virus and Hepatitis. Would it not be nice to have everyone around the globe be protected against these diseases, opposed to seeing them suffer their effects.

Part 1: Medicine available in Third World countries to begin with

In places like Botswana and other African countries, it is a common place for most people to have HIV. Without medicine to treat them being available because of how expensive it is or just because the stock that is being held is too old to be given out, these people will certainly die at a very early age. This has had a huge impact on the African economy because life expectancy is no more than 40 years old. Without having workers to generate revenue for these countries, economic crisis and catastrophe is imminent and already happening.

Par 2: The quality of life in Third World countries

The overall quality of life for people in these poor countries is generally dismal to begin with. In parts of Asia and Africa, people live off of less than the US equivalent of 2 dollars a day. Now, factor that in with the cost of medicines that should be readily available to them, even more poverty is to come. The overall lives of these people is below the standard of life that should be applicable to everyone around the world.

Part 3: What other countries are doing

This section will include the measures that advanced countries are taking to aid these poorer nations. Certain groups have been focused on provided medical equipment that is usually just thrown away by large medical corporations, or administering vaccines and medicines to the countries’ people.

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