Question: Is going into space crucial for scientific development? If so, how could this interstellar research help to better science, technology, and society as a whole?

Thesis: Researching outside of our planet is crucial for scientific development, as the knowledge and information that we gain from interstellar research will help to improve technology and society back on Earth.

Paragraph/Idea 1: Scientific research in general helps to better our understanding of ourselves, as well as the world around us. When performing research, scientists must ask a question to start, and then their thesis or hypothesis is in response to that question. Once they have a hypothesis then they are ready to start making observations, or performing the lab to collect data. The data that is taken during these labs is later analyzed, and certain conclusions can be made regarding the initial question or hypothesis. Sometimes, however, the hypothesis will be refuted by the data, in which case another study must be performed to fix the lab and collect accurate findings. This overall process of performing the labs and collecting data has led to our entire understanding of the universe and the things it contains.


Paragraph/Idea 2: From the beginning of the space race, people have been fascinated with the universe outside of our planet. The initial race to the moon held audiences captive for hours, and inspired entire generations of scientists. Many kids wanted to take up the study of science after watching men land on the moon in 1969. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong have become national heroes, and they are looked up to even today for their bravery and curiosity, as well as their passion for bettering our understanding of the universe. Men like this, as well as all of the astronauts who have come before and after them have helped to pave the way for space exploration. This idea of leaving Earth and travelling to new worlds has always fascinated me, and has fueled my love of physics and astronomy. There are so many parts of our universe that are yet to be studied, and the only way to do so is by continuing our research, and creating bigger and better telescopes that are capable of unveiling the secrets hidden in the cosmos.


Paragraph/Idea 3: The knowledge that we obtain from studying our galaxy and the universe around helps to improve science, technology, and society back on Earth. Science is improved because we learn about new phenomena that can affect even our planet. An example of new phenomena being observed is when scientists were able to observe gravitational waves for the first time. Previously, these waves were only a theory, and there had been no way of directly finding or measuring such breathtaking phenomena. With the improvement of new technology comes new findings, however, and the collision of two black holes millions of lightyears away was able to be observed and studied back on Earth. This was able to confirm the theories that had already existed, and it also led to new questions that must now be studied more in depth in the future.

Many times throughout history, technology has been improved or developed through the need for its use in space. Technologies such as this include camera phones, scratch resistant lenses, freeze-dried food, and many more. When going into space, cameras are required to observe astronauts performing their required tasks. Since the shuttles taken into space must be as light as possible, cameras were designed to be incredibly small and compact. These small cameras led to the type found in our cell phones, which must be small in order to fit into the palm of our hands. Scratch resistant lenses came about through the desired need for astronauts to be able to look out the window during flight. In order for this to be the case, glass was designed to withstand the effects of being in a vacuum, as well as being constantly bombarded by high-speed particles hurtling through space. This newly designed glass can now be seen in many types of glasses, making them stronger for everyday wear. Finally, freeze-dried food is the easiest to store when going on long trips into space, and this food can now be found in supermarkets worldwide for a source of a quick snack. Space travel has influenced the designs of many other products and companies, and its impacts can be seen worldwide in our society, technology, and culture as a whole.