In C.P. Snow’s The Two Cultures, he explains and describes the gap that lies between the sciences and humanities. I personally agree that there is a gap and that the two things are very much separate. Science and the humanities are very different, the ideas, concept, the way we think about the two subject matters are on opposite sides of the spectrum. They are both specialties in which people can excel at however in history you would have never seen a famous scientist converse ideas and new thoughts with a historian. 

In 2018, today’s society, there is so much progress and advancements in technology everyday. People are constantly inventing and thinking of bigger and better things to create for the consumer of this time. This is one of the main reasons as to why I believe that the sciences overpower the humanities. The technological advancements, new scientific breakthroughs, the next best iPhone keep the economic and social growth in the U.S. While I believe that the sciences in today’s society have more of an impact, the humanities are still a necessity. Humanities are not evolving or progressing however we learn from the past and create new history everyday. The importance of history may seem subtle and almost non-existent however the power of history is something you cannot change. Yet the impact of the sciences in today’s society seem to outweigh and have a stronger impact than the humanities.

The idea that this gap between the science and humanities need to be bridged is a very strong segment. Considering the various differences in the two subject matters, I believe that it would be to hard and almost unnecessary to bridge the gap. Both famous historians and scientist in the past have never truly had to interact with each other about their findings or work. They talk to other scientists or other historians that share the same knowledge. If you are going to purse excellence in the sciences or the humanities you don’t need both to do one or the other. It’s great to have general knowledge of everything, however you don’t need to be genius in science in order to be a historian. Trying to put the two together may only hold us back from ever moving forward with the vast amounts of technological advancements in our society.