In my opinion Scientific Knowledge does in fact have a special status, but it is not apart from culture. Science is so important because it concerns fundamental truths of nature. The advancement science provides allows for so many positive aspects. For example, Biotech companies are making instrumental progress around the world in fighting diseases and illnesses. The fact these advancements are happening in our lifetime is remarkable. I argue that this is a part of culture because scientific knowledge directly impacts everyday life. Also we can look look at environmental preservation. The discovery and understanding of global warming play a considerable role in our culture as we are always trying to find ways to improve our living to enhance the health of our planet. Without scientists our day to day life would look a lot different. Our society would not be as advanced in education, technology, and quality of life.

With that said I believe there is a bridge between the humanities and science. It is essential for us to understand humanities to understand science. The intellectual thought and simulations allow people to know how to approach what is not identified in the world. Science provides a lot of answers and truths, but not everything Is accounted for. Humanities allow for society to ponder questions and strive for authenticity. This idea of thinking is a necessary component to be able to develop deeper understandings behind science as well. Humanities provide a look at history and social recognition. One culture would not be able to function without the other. Science is robust to learn. Many Children often grow up learning from under-qualified teachers that do not spark strong intellectual growth. That adds to the gap because there are not as many scientists in the world. With both cultures working in harmony there would be natural growth of understanding in science and society.