In the realm of learning and education, there are numerous problems. A major issue is how we measure academic achievement. In the United States, the main method of assessing academic achievement is through standardized testing. The scores on these tests in each school dictate the funding that the school receives. If the score is unsatisfactory, sanctions are placed on the school by the state and federally funded schools will lose some of their money. This system is problematic because it forces teachers to teach to the test. Instead of teaching a broad range of subjects, teachers must only focus on math and reading because this is what the students will be tested on. When this is the case, the majority of the school year is spent preparing the students for the test. This prevents educators from teaching about other important subjects, such as science, technology, and social studies. Further, it does not allow for the development of creativity and intelligence in other aspects. As the world becomes more and more dependent on science and technology, it is vital that students of all ages are able to learn about it. Impeding on the ability to teach science holds the student back from a world of knowledge that is important for understanding our society.

The fear of losing funding is also an issue because teachers and schools across the country already have inadequate funds to run their classrooms. When a school does not have enough money, budget cuts are made to departments that are deemed non-essential. This includes expenditures for technology, music, and art. It is no doubt that the society today is packed with technology. This is why not being able to afford to incorporate technology into the classroom is an issue. Not only does technology make things more efficient because it is a tool, but can help to prepare the student for the outside world. Many jobs today require that the employee be proficient in the use of computers or other basic technologies. If a school is not able to afford computers and teach students how to use them, this leaves the student at a disadvantage. The purpose of education is to elevate the knowledge of the student and prepare them for their life. Thus, a school is failing to meet its purpose if it cannot prepare the student for their life as a participant in a technology filled society. This is why funding for schools is a pressing issue. Without adequate funds, students are at risk of an inferior or incomplete education in terms of the modern world. At this point in time, basic skills such as reading and mathematics are not enough. Students need to have a firm grasp on science and technology as their prevalence in society grow bigger and bigger.