Scientific knowledge is a vital aspect of any culture regardless of when or where. In history scientific knowledge as even been know to shape certain cultures. For example the scientific revolution basically created its own culture within the science community. Outside of the community science created it also shaped and warped many other. People began to think differently about their everyday lives and these new theories and ideologies even changed the way the church at the time handled religion. Today there are countless examples where science shapes certain cultures. Science has shaped many cultures today due to the dependency of technology.

Without technology the world would be put on hold. We rely so much on just the most basic forms of technology that we can barely explain many cultures without it. Not only does it shape cultures but it helps express them to every corner in the world. The internet today helps connect countless cultures across the world to one another. People in the USA can instantly google pictures of what life is like in New Zealand and can instantly found out information about the country and the cultures that reside with in it. This sense of sharing and exploring has been part of cultures forever. Before the internet it naval and ground expedition, both of which used technology to help connect one group to another. In these instances science not only shapes cultures but connects them. Through these connection even more cultures form. Two cultures can meld into one or one can split into two.

Therefore, science and culture should be included into the same category. Science is not just tools, it also encompasses knowledge. Science is one way to help explain different cultures and helps differentiate between multiple ones.  . With these new ideas one can learn about the ideologies of many different cultures. With science not included with the cultural aspect of society we are missing a big part of what makes a culture, a culture. One cannot explain a culture fully without adding in a scientific view. Science is just a segment of a culture and on its own is not enough to be its own culture. Many believe science should be separated and a culture has nothing to do with it. However, there are many aspects of culture that cannot be explained without the use of science. So, no I do not believe science and culture should be separated. These aspects should be talked about as one because they are one in the same. Especially in today’s societies you cannot talk about one without the other rising to the surface.

In some societies today, the younger generations are being deprived of learning both science and culture as a combination. Students are being taught that these aspects are separate and can do without one another. Many believe culture and science to have no relation to one another and that they do not build off one another. Some people in society have a tunnel vision view of the world and fail to open up their perspective. The perspective in which they hold can be altered and could lead to a new level of possibilities.