Scientific knowledge and understanding has a status of being its own culture because of the ways it has changed over the past century, as well as it being completely separate from any other teachings in institutions today. The unfortunate truth is that today, science is straying farther and farther away from being part of all aspects of knowledge and teaching around the world. As seen in the short film, The Hear of the Matter, the relationship between the ideas of science and philosophies of humanities is being torn apart. Nowadays, there is much more of an inclination to pursue a degree in some sort of science or engineering based field. This has lead to a decline in numbers of people who pursue literature or other aspects of humanities teachings. With this being so one sided, the idea of humanities is becoming a thing of the past. Humanities should be in balance with science and people should have knowledge in both of them because they compliment each other in a sense that provides even more understanding of each field. I find it best put in the quote, “Without humanities, people will not be able to dream.” This exemplifies the idea that science is in its own culture because it is so far apart from any literary or classical understanding.  I do believe that science in itself is such a broad field with so many aspects of understanding that it should have its own unique culture, but it should not be as strayed away from other fields of knowledge as it is right now. The whole idea of the video that was mentioned above was to convey the fact that science and other aspects of knowledge and education should be mixed and properly balanced. This means that there should be as many historians as there are biomedical engineers, or as many poets as there are doctors. All in all, science is its own type of culture, but I believe that all aspects of education should be in a peaceful, well oriented balance.