Darwinism, when it was first created, was viewed by many as a radical idea. During the time of Charles Darwin the catholic church had a large foothold in European society. The history behind the origin of human beings and other organisms were backed heavily in religion and  was the social standard for understanding how beings came to be. In the 19th century many people denied Darwin’s claims of evolution because it was against the norm at the time. However, Darwinism persisted through this period and is a prominent theory in the world today. This is just one example of how science has persevered through the times to hold a major role in today’s society.

Darwinism is one example of how science perceivers through the hardest times. Science holds an important part in society because it helps display the truth. As much as many wanted to deny the evolution of humans, people learned to understand that Darwin may have been right. Science holds the truth about many aspects of the world. Without science there would be many uncovered truths in the world. Darwin led the way for many other scientists to question and explore the world. Due to the sacrifices made by Darwin many scientific theories today are not met with dispute but with curiosity. More people today are more eager to question new theories rather than deny them. Scientists are regarded in a better perspective and there ideas are examined further. Now we take time to examine these theories before denying them right away. Through this scientists can build off of one another and add to each others theories. Without the sacrifices of previous scientists and their persistence science would not be as eagerly accepted as it is today. We now look upon science as an opportunity and not as disapproval of societal norms.