In todays society we still see and are impacted by the scientific discoveries that Charles Darwin made. Much of his findings have been very prominent present day with modern science and technology.

Some of Darwins discoveries have created debates starting in the late 1850’s and have yet to be settled. One of the biggest ideas has been the theory of evolution. In that time Darin and his work were thought to be very unconventional. His ideas challenged the creation of human kind, a concept that has stayed the same since the beginning of time. His perspective has demonstrated the power behind science and the power it has over the world and our society’s way of looking at things. Even with the mixed reactions and backlash over his theory of evolution, Darwin has paved way for scientists in today’s society to be able to think and express more without immediately being rejected or laughed at. 

Charles Darwin had a different way of looking at the world; he questioned it and then acted upon it, without any regard of the consequences. That is what makes Darwin such a powerful and impactful scientist in today’s society and back in the 1800’s. His discoveries, have heavily impacted and changed the way we think about human creation. As time has changed and science has progressed there have been numerous of scientists with many different ideas and theory’s on everything. However, Charles Darwin, the scientist behind the theory of evolution is one of the most predominant men in the name of science. This was known to be a historical and scientific turning point in society at that point in time. 

It is scientists like Charles Darwin, that in today’s society people are able to progress and evolve science and technology. His dedication and drive to challenge the norm of the creation of mankind, has opened up the doors for new scientists to think any way they want.