The scientific and historical impacts of Charles Darwin are still immensely present today, as his discoveries were one of the catalysts for the construction of modern day science.

As we can see throughout history, society as a whole is not conducive to change. In the 19th century, Christianity dominated people’s belief systems in many different aspects, and the idea of Creationism was adopted by mostly everyone at that time. So, when Darwin proposed a contradicting argument to Creationism, he and his colleagues received quite a bit of backlash. While scientists and the majority of the educated public believed in evolution, it was a hard pill for the general population to swallow, which is pretty understandable. If someone today proposed a theory that contradicted everything we thought we knew about the origin of our existence, we would most likely reject their idea.

However, this is only further proof of why Charles Darwin is one of the greatest scientists of all time. He questioned and researched new ideas without fear of the ramifications. Science can only progress when someone is willing to think outside of the box and explore what’s never been explored, and that is exactly what Darwin did. While he was not the first to investigate evolution, he was one of the first to publish his ideas publicly. Robert Chambers published his book, Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation, but he published it anonymously. As expected, the book sparked public controversy, criticizing the argument for being “materialistic atheism.” Even though Charles Darwin was not an atheist, any new idea that contradicted the church was perceived as a threat and immediately rejected.

While society remained rigid in their beliefs for the time being, today we still believe in Darwin’s proposition of evolution. Students in most public schools are taught evolution and not creationism, showing that Darwin was the last scientist to revolutionize our perspective on this subject. Although it is not thought to be true today, “social Darwinism” became a political term referencing Darwin’s theory on natural selection, thus displaying yet another one of Darwin’s impacts. Even though there will always be non-believers, Darwin is a perfect representation of extending the human mind to alternative ideas that had never been previously explored.