Charles Darwin is famous for his work on the theory or evolution where he hypothesized that all living things on earth come from one common ancestor. His theory contradicted with the strict ideals of the Catholic Church. During the 19th century the Catholic Church dominated society. Darwin’s theory challenged the Church and the belief that God was the creator of all things. This could be the reason why it took Darwin twenty years to publish his theory of evolution. Because his theory went head to head with the Church, publishing his book was a major risk in terms of public criticism.

Darwin, with his theory of evolution played a major in the shift from a society who’s beliefs were all based on religion. Darwin was the first to challenge the church with theories back by science and evidence. His theory of natural selection and evolution was thus a catalyst for major societal and political changes. His work played a huge role in shifting society to the society we know today.

Despite being widely respected and talked about today Darwin’s theories took a long time to take hold in society. It took him over 20 years to publish his theories and the presence of the Catholic church was a major road block for his theories. This type of struggle remains true today. Revolutionary theories and ideas take a long time to grow and prosper. For example, theories of climate change have been around since the 19th century yet there is still pushback against these ideas by climate change believers. Darwin’s theories revolutionized the way people thought about their origins for thousands of years yet his theories are still talked about today. I think this serves as a reason for revolutionary thinkers to not be afraid to speak up and share their thoughts because their ideas have the potential to have a lasting impact on society.