The legacies and ideas of Darwinian Evolution shows how a new type of ideology can change the way an entire generation views the creation of life.Charles Darwin’s new way of thinking for the origins of life not only challenged the views of the church, but it sparked a movement that would rush over the scientific community and eventually the entire world. The whole philosophy behind theĀ Origins of Species explains how life started from organisms evolving to better suit their environments, this is where the phrase, “Survival of the fittest,” comes into play. These ideals went against every aspect of creation stories according to Christianity. Naturally, many were criticized Darwin’s views because of this, these people kept to their Christian teachings and values. However, people followed this new Theory of Evolution because of the evidence and findings brought by Darwin. His findings of the finches adapting to their different environments along the chain of islands in the Galapagos proved to be very true. Based on each island, each finch had a different type of beak for the food available where they lived. This is a prime example of the survival of the fittest. These birds had to change to better fit their habitats because that would be the only way they could survive. Charles Darwin was able to find the most accurate way of telling how all species came to be, going against all preceding ideas, his views are now what is taken to be true today.