In my opinion, the legacies of Darwinian Evolution tell us that science in society has been through a constant progression of natural selection. From the early days of science to today’s modern technology, science has gone through a continuous cycle of making slight improvements to previously developed theories and ideas. Slowly but surely, the very first concepts of science – such as the first forms of agriculture and the initial theory during the Bronze Age that the Earth was flat – have been subject to slight variations that eventually led to the incredibly advanced agricultural systems we have today and the correct notion that the Earth is in fact a sphere. While those are just two examples in the incredibly immense history of science, they emphasize the fact that not everything from the beginning of science truly had a proper place in society. Natural selection took its course to advance early scientific theories into more modern, advanced, and up-to-date ideas that still, to this day, are continuing to improve.

Similar to the way in which only the strongest animals and organisms survive, only the strongest and proven-testable scientific methods survive. Adapting from previous mindsets of what makes a strong scientific idea – much looser terms and unreliability when concluding the reliability of that idea – science today has progressed through constant improvements to ensure scientific accuracy.

For example, suppose a certain insect developed wings and learned to fly, that insect’s lineage would also obtain those wings and be able to fly. Similarly, suppose a certain aspect of science suddenly realized that in order for it to be accurate it needed to be falsifiable. All aspects of that science from that point would then follow suit and require falsifiability to be considered accurate. Science in society has sought continuous improvement and achieved slight advantages through time to forever increase its reliability and accuracy, similar to living things progressing through natural selection to ensure only the best-suited science and organisms progress through society.