In her novel “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelley tells the story of the terrible consequences of a science experiment gone wrong. Her story explores the power science and technology has while also shedding light on the dangers of new creations and developments. Through her tale of Victor Frankenstein Shelley expresses the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and not being afraid to admit one’s own mistakes. When Victor Frankenstein’s creature first comes to life it is an incredible creation. To be able to create life out of nothing is something that has never been done before. In this sense Victor Frankenstein is an incredible scientist and arguably a genius. However, the story quickly takes a dark turn when the creature Victor Frankenstein has created becomes violent and kills Victor’s brother, William. As the story develops the creature continues to lash out aggressively. It is revealed Frankenstein’s creature is suffering from loneliness and he begs Victor for a companion. The story ultimately results in the death of Victor’s friend, Henry Clerval, his wife, Elizabeth and the death of his grief-stricken father. It is at this moment that Victor takes responsibility for his creation and decides that he must track the creature down.

It took Victor multiple deaths of close loved ones for him to finally take action against the creature. Shelley’s message here is important because had Victor done something sooner many deaths could have been prevented. Victor almost created a second a creature which is likely to have resulted in more death and horror. Shelley highlights the tendency of humans to hope for the best rather than actively work towards improvement. Victor allowed his grief and horror to cripple him rather than using it as fuel to fix what he has done. I think this story is important in reminding us to be careful with what we create and always take responsibility for our actions.