The novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, portrays the importance of careful scientific and technological methods, especially when working in new fields of study.

Victor Frankenstein is a brilliant scientist who is working on creating life from nothing. He collects and assembles parts from dead bodies, then uses electricity to give his hideous creation life. His creation is called the Creature, and it is quickly deserted by Frankenstein after he comes to terms with what he has just done. This act of betrayal on the part of Victor raises the question of being a “good scientist”.  Victor is incredibly smart and successful, which I believe makes him a good scientist. He is not a good person, however, when he runs away and is unable to face the consequences of his actions. His loved ones end up paying for his actions later in the story.

The Creature begins his life all alone, meaning he has to fend for himself. He decides to educate himself, and he uses books and careful observations to learn about the world. He realizes how alone he truly feels, and decides to start killing those close to Victor as an act of revenge for what he did to the Creature by deserting it moments into its life. As people start getting killed by the Creature, Victor realizes that he must do something to stop the horror that his life has become. When approached by the Creature one day, he eventually agrees to make a female Creature so the original will not be so lonely. When he is almost done with his second creation, however, Victor comes to his senses and destroys the new Creature, leaving the original in a rage. After this, Victor’s wife is killed on the night of his wedding, and Victor decides to come after the Creature to kill it. Victor ends up dying in the north on his chase after the Creature, suggesting that his quest for revenge has led to his own demise.

Victor and the Creature have more similarities than differences. Both Victor and the Creature started on a quest for knowledge. They can both be considered “monsters”– Victor because of his selfish and immoral actions, and the Creature because of his murdering of Victor’s friends and family. The main difference between the two figures in this book is their creation, however. Victor was born naturally, with a loving family and friends. The Creature was born from nothing, created in an unnatural way, defying the very laws of nature. Along with this, the Creature never had anyone to love it. The Creature was born with nobody, since Victor (who was the closest thing it had to family or a father) abandoned it just moments after its creation. I believe that the novel demonstrates how one must accept the consequences of their actions, and check twice before considering something or someone as being below yourself.