In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor wanted to do something that had never been done in science or technology during that time. He abuses his pursuit of knowledge when he pushes the limits to unknown territory, all in a quest to create a creature from old body parts. As Victor accomplished his creation, he soon came to realize what a horrible mistake he had made by creating such a monster. 

I believe that Mary Shelley’s novel provides a strong message about the use of science and technology. If we abuse our right to search and create, we may lose sight of what our purpose is really supposed to be. As science and technology advances in history we have to learn to either work with it or be one step ahead. In this novel, I believe that Victor was one step ahead of the advancements of science and technology by creating the monster. Victor’s inability to control his creation stems from his lack of knowledge about the science an technology behind it.

The overall running themes in Mary Shelley’s novel are very relevant in today’s society. Th pursuit of knowledge can be a great thing however when a person has bad intentions, there are a possibility of very harmful consequences of the unknown. We learn that science and technology bears lots of power not just in society but over people. As a society or one man alone, we have to be aware of the advances of science and technology. If not used correctly or in a positive way, our ability to control the outcomes can be dangerously hard creating many issues. We have to understand the progression of science and technology, it is a fast moving thing that we need to make sure is under control in order to keep the society safe from any unwanted to events. We have to learn to move with and understand the science and technological advancements in our society in order to create safe space.