I believe Mary Shelley sheds a positive light on science and technology. However, in her novel, she heeds many warnings about the dangers that come with creations in these fields. Victor goes through many lengths to create his monster, many of which are extremely unethical. In the purist form Victor wants to be able to create life and has many good intentions. He has been put through many difficult and traumatizing situations in in his life and wants to be able to control his destiny. In efforts to control his life he creates the monster. To Shelley, the monster represents the consequences, in an extreme case, when you do not ethically think through your actions. Victor does not stop to think if what he is doing is ethical or if  there would be any consequences. This is where Shelley conveys her message of being able to see the “bigger picture”. Victor eventually realizes his mistake when the monster asks him to create a companion. When Victor is midway through creating another monster, he stops, and thinks of the atrocities that both of the monsters can commit. At this point he destroys any progress he has made towards this new project.

Shelley’s message of being able to think through your decisions and think of the consequences are still extremely prevalent to this day. I believe that  Shelley is correct in her views about broadening ones perspective and not only thinking of how actions will affect you, but those around you. In today’s society many scientists are working in various futuristic fields. As intersecting as many of these fields can be, we as a society, must think through the consequences. I think before we introduce any new technology, we must go through the proper precautions to understand exactly what negative effects can arise from our progress. Regardless of how “cool” or “revolutionary” and idea may be, I believe we must take a good portion of time to analyze the consequences that these groundbreaking ideas could create. Every action has a reaction and it is our job to figure out these reactions before we blindly jump into the next scientific phenomena.