Many themes presented in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein were applicable to the present time period of 1818, yet a majority of the themes are relevant in today’s world. The most apparent theme in the beginning of the text was Victor’s appreciation for the natural beauty he encountered on his journey. Traveling through icy mountains, struggling to escape the past that eludes him, he expresses how the seasons and characteristics of nature were able to aid him: “The present season was indeed divine; the flowers of spring bloomed…those of summer were already in bud: I was undisturbed by thoughts which during the preceding year had pressed upon me…with an invincible burden” (53). Victor, who had endured numerous struggles throughout the novel, was always appeased by the beauty of the natural world. Victor was different because he understood the nature world for what it was entirely. He saw the perils and dangers of hell that nature can bestow, yet he was able to overcome nature’s misery and be restored by its’ elements. Victor made this apparent when he stated, “my health and spirits had long been restored, and they gained additional strength from the salubrious air I breathed” (53). The effects the elements had on Victor were obvious; the sublime world was one Victor could appreciate. The theme is presently numerously throughout Shelley’s text along with many other themes that can be connected with the ideals of today’s world.

Science and technology allow us to understand and appreciate the sublime world far more than it ever did in 1818. Because of science and technology, the possibilities are endless. We can see stars exploded millions of miles away in the universe. We can see into the depths of the undiscovered ocean floor and witness what magnificent events of nature take place in pure darkness. We can travel anywhere in the world to see breathtaking beauty which would not be possible if it were not for the technological and scientific advancements we have made. Victors traveling, I believe, represented this idea to a limited extent. In 1818, the idea of traveling into the mountains of unchartered territory with no one but yourself would be pushing the limits of what science and technology had achieved up until that point. Victors travels led discoveries both physically and mentally that many people long to discover in today’s world. People ache for a sense of purpose and longing in this world; uncover the beauty of nature did that for Victor to an extent. Science and technology in today’s world allow for exploration and new discoveries to be made everyday. Because of science and technology, we can experience the thrills felt by Victor with just the push of a button, or least, do our best to try.