The main message that Frankenstein conveys is the danger in the pursuit of knowledge and advancement in Science and Technology.  In the novel we see Victor try to push forward the limits of science by creating a creature from old body parts. The creation of the creature backfired on Victor once the monster escaped. Victor’s life became obsessed with the monster because he could not control his creation. In the end, Victor lost everything from his pursuit to push science and limit of human knowledge.

Frankenstein shows the issue that can come from technological and scientific advancement. It can be too much for human’s to control causing a spiral downward. I think that this book shows how important it is to understand the advancement of Science and Technology. A huge part of the novel is the fact that Victor is not able to adapt to his creation. He did not take care of the monster or provide him with a partner. He brought the monster to life, but in the end, victor could not control his creation.

I think this underlying message of not being prepared for a creation is extremely relevant to today’s society. As artificial intelligence is continually expanding every day, it is important to understand the ramifications of discovery. In social culture, we see shows like Black Mirror that capture the negative effects technological advancements can have on humans. Technology has the power to bring out human traits that are not positive. If we let technology take over our lives then we will lose our human elements. We must constantly stay aware of the implications technological advancement has on society. As the world continues to evolve in advancement there must be knowledge of how to adapt. That said, we must welcome advancements in science and technology. If we do not then there will be a negative effect on society as we saw with Victor.