The understanding of technology changes as time goes on. Throughout history, technology has created different effects on society. Yet it is important to understand that tech is bigger than products and ideas. As Anil Dash says, “Technology isn’t an industry, it’s a method of transforming the culture and economics of existing systems and institutions.”

This means that technology changes but it’s effect on society have not on a macro level. For example, the industrial revolution changed how the world forever. The world went from hand production methods to machines. An industrial boom created a societal shift with the new reliance on high powered machines that caused mass production. The culture changed in ways many people never could imagine. Labor jobs were not as needed.  A certain individual could make a lot more money. Everyone had to adapt.

The technological advancement of computers is very similar to the industrial revolution. Companies and people rely on computers and phones for everyday life. Literally, the world would not be able to function if computer technology got interrupted. Similar to the industrial revolution computer technology changed society. Culture and economics are forever impacted by the advances of digital technology. Now it is all about how can technology cut costs and time for companies and individuals. Digital technology also created a shift in cultural actions and everyday life through connectivity.

Technology’s meaning has changed over time. Thoreau describes technology as “an improved means to an unimproved end.” This pretty much challenges that technology may make things easier, but what is the result of that. This definitely applies to technological advancements today. Many people will wonder if having a cell phone at their hand at all times will really provide them with more happiness than if they did not have one. Flash forward to today, David Nye describes technology as,  “The sum total of systems of machines and techniques that underlie a civilization…. Not merely a system of machines with certain functions, but an expression of a social world.” It is important to not view technology as product advancement but that to understand technology is to understand the effects it has on cultural, economics, and society.