Technology is a fascinating concept. It is not limited to just one defining idea. There are so many different perspectives on technology that allow for endless conversations. One very strong perspective on technology is Nye. He explains technology in terms of evolution, that technology is not just technology but the product made by humans to fulfill their own needs.

For hundreds and hundred of years, humans have been doing what ever it takes to survive. They learned basic skills, how to use basic tools and adapt to life. Nye explains “The central purpose of technologies has not been to provide necessities, such as food and shelter, for humans had achieved these goals very early on in their existence. Rather technologies have been used for social evolution” (Nye, Page 2). Essentially Nye is saying that humans use technology as a way to answer our needs. We are never satisfied, as time goes on we become more needy which in turn calls for the use of more technologies. In today’s society, we often assume technology to be the object with the screen on it. The thing we make calls on and take pictures with. Technology is much more than that, especially since it stems from the earliest of people that roamed the earth. They are the once that created such technologies, paving the way of doing certain things in a certain way. Technology cannot be defined with just one meaning. There is an array of meanings that technology can be. It just depends on each and everyones own perspective and take on what technology is to them.

Technology is the basis of what science sits on. Science is already such a broad idea that you also can’t define it in on way or another. Through one perspective, Science is the make up of the different technological skills we have used. In our world today, science and technology are two things that go hand in hand with each other. We can’t have one with out the other. When you put science and technology in society, we see never ending growth. As society advances, science and technology has to figure out how to advance with it. With time, we will see plenty more different perspectives on technology.