For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press 3. ~Alice Kahn

Technology is such a weird thing. Over the past decade, the progression of technology can be seen as mans greatest gift while also posing a threat to man kind. With every new update, new tablet, new phone and new software we become more and more connected with the idea of technology. We have become so engaged with what is in front of us that everything else seems so small.

Everywhere we go, there is some aspect of technology that follows. Whether that be the phone that we hold, the laptop that we carry or the jumbo screen in Time Square. Are we even aware of all the technology that is around us, or the life that is us? With the amount of technology that is being used on a daily basis, the life that we live has become less and less. We don’t have conversations any more, we can’t eat a meal with out our phones on the table, and we don’t know how to socially interact with one another any more. The use of technology has become so much part of our lives, that the small part of life we are living some how relies on more technology.

Technology is not anything bad. Much of what we do relies on technology. However how we use it, and how we have taken advantage of technology in our daily lives has created a world where people don’t know what to do with out it. Are we making the most out of our lives with the amount of technology that surrounds us? Asking Siri or google a question every time we don’t know something, or feeling the need to always have your phone out has become such a habit that it is now in our human nature to always do it. 

The quality of technology will always become better, however our quality of life sure seems to be going down. The dependence on technology is making it harder for us to be without it. The more it evolves the less we as people evolve. One by one we lose more and more of what humans are supposed to do, interact, communicate and be present.