The interconnectedness of science, technology, and society in our world is ever present. What differs, is the use of science and technology through different generations. At it’s core, advancing in both sectors is necessary for the human race to continue moving forward. The capabilities that we have in the medical field is something that I’m sure would have been ruled impossible centuries ago. People can beat cancer through receiving bone marrow from a person across the world. How could we do this without science and technology. How could we know that a man in Germany would have the same unique blood type as a man living in Massachusetts. Examples like this prove that technology, science, and most importantly¬†knowledge can be used to save lives and better the world. What we must avoid as a society is the corruption of knowledge through social media and using science for devious reasons.

Social media is an example of technology that ultimately does make communication across continents much easier, but at the same time has a negative impact on personal skills. In 2017, people spent nearly an hour of their day on social media– this may not sound like a lot but when you consider what type of information is consumed from social media sites (pop culture non-sense, typically) versus what you could be absorbing (current events, something important), it is an alarming stat. In tandem with this, the Humanities Indicators team conducted a project which showed that people are reading less in the past ten years (i.e. the rise of social media). I fear that the classics and timeless literature are beginning to lose their worth. Our society is obsessed with consuming content that is quick and easy. We have become so accustomed to reading 1 page blogs and 160 character tweets that we have lost sight of the true source of education– literature.

We are constantly moving forward as a society. There are platforms and scientific break throughs that occur every day that are promising to global connections. We cannot let these advancements be used for trivial or deceitful purposes. All the positives that come from science and technology must not dilute our personal skills and our values as human beings.