“It is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome” ~ T.S. Eliot, about Radio

T.S. Eliot portrays technology to have its own set of goods and evils, and I agree. Technology has served as a bridge connecting us to different aspects of life but in process of becoming that bridge it has led to the creation of a virtual society that disconnects us from reality.

Cellphones, Laptops, TV’s, Internet are just one of the many technological inventions that have given us the ability to see life in different scopes. We can learn about the culture, language, music, food, dance, traditions, history, etc. of different regions of the world with a click of a button. But not only are we able to learn, we are able to share with the world. Share our jokes, food, stories, dance, work, etc. with people who might be our neighbors, best friends, family or people who you have never encountered with or who live thousands and thousands of miles away. Through this exchange of ideas & technology has created a virtual society that has completely engulfed our true sense of reality.

These virtual societies have been established through multiple applications and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of which allow you to learn and share. Profiles on a platform like Facebook has become an immense part of people’s daily life, it is an application you will see installed into every cell phone & computer. Instead of speaking directly with someone, you post on their “Wall” or shoot them a “Direct Message”, and if you want to become “Friends” with someone new, you simply send a “Friend Request”. This new virtual society has driven us away from traditional practices and customs of building relationship with one another.

The introduction of technology is an amazing but scary invention. It allows to learn more about hidden gems but it blinds us from the beauty that exists within our own circle of life.