Over the years science and technology have become the ultimate decider in what is and is not possible. Throughout history people have come up with countless ideas on how to improve their lives and the lives of others. Accompanied with these ideas are countless failures where science and technology deemed these ideas impossible. In the end Science becomes the ultimate judge between what can and cannot be done, it stands at the border of impossible and possible. For example going to the moon, by many, was looked upon as an impossible feat, however, after many years and experiments this impossibility became reality. This threshold of possibility is sought after by many, but only few ideas can cross over. I believe that science and technology help expand but also limit the ways in which our society can grow.

In today’s society we are virtually controlled by science and technology. In almost every thing we do we are accompanied by some form of technology. The countless amounts of phones is just the simplest example. Technology reaches bounds that many cannot even comprehend. Humans are constantly thinking of new extraordinary ways to do everyday tasks. However, these new ideas are not endless, in fact in most cases there is a strict limit on how far one can go. Adam Smith, in his novel The Wealth of Nations, states that “Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition”. In Smith’s quote he explains that science anchors all of these abstract ideas to reality. Science lets people know just how far one can go in their endeavors. This concept separates the “superstitions” from the facts. Adam Smith has a more pessimistic view on enthusiasm and superstitions but his ideology is based in reality. Science and Technology control the world and will continue to control the world until the end of time. Many new inventions will be created and many will try and create the next “big” thing. However great these new technologies may be science will stand to be the limiting factor that connects them to reality. Science and technology slowly crept into the lives of many and became the platform on which many great nations blossomed. The dependence on these factors only grew more and more as time went on. Everyday new ideas are born which challenge scientific laws and theories. This constant battle will continue on into the far future where people will try and surpass and extend the boundary of possibility.