What is Science, Technology, and Society?

With the everlasting evolution of technology in our age of efficiency, some may question, what is the real meaning behind technology and how does it benefit the world? That question is very simply answered, it makes the world run in a more efficient way. Science over the past hundred years has advanced more than the previous thousdan years. With so many strides in improvement of healthcare, agriculture, and transportation, we have been able to create better lives for all people. Even some of the poorest countries in the world have seen betterment in health because of advancements in technology when it comes to medicine, cleanliness, and prevention of disease. This has been able to prolong human life causing more people to become part of even further improvement of society.

When it comes to agriculture, newer technology has been able to produce greater yields of crops leading to more and more people not being hungry all across the world. A simple task such as cultivating a field of corn would take days, even weeks, 150 years ago. But nowadays, this can be done in a little as a few hours. Scientists and engineers have even been able to develop better methods of irrigation for these crops which are 100x more efficient than that of the past. With there now being a better division of water supply to crops, people around the world are now able to have a surplus amount of drinking water and water for other uses around the house. These advancements in use of water for agriculture and agriculture altogether has benefitted the lives of millions.

As for transportation, the improves made to this aspect of life have not only made traveling easier, but more cost and energy efficient. Hundreds of years ago, crossing a great distance would take months and would be a very dangerous venture, depending on where one intended to go. But now, with airplanes, fast moving trains, and automobiles, one can make a thousand mile journey in a few hours. with even further improves in fuel used to do this, the world has become a healthier place with having less emissions in the air. Technological advancements in transportation have really made the world a better place.