Personal Accounts

When thinking of the experience of activists after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf in August of 2005 and when the KONY 2012 film went viral in March of 2012, there seem to be many differences. Is it right to say that while activists and volunteers are still volunteering their time to rebuild homes, businesses and people’s lives in the Gulf, people also consider themselves activists and people of the movement by simply sharing the link to the KONY 2012 video? As volunteers continue to show support in the Gulf, several people have forgotten about the time they shared the Kony video. It is important to recognize the immediate effects of both Hurricane Katrina and Kony and how these effects may have dissipated or remained strong.

This page suggests some of the experiences of activists involved in Kony 2012 and Hurricane Katrina. For more information about the individual experiences of activists refer to the links below:

Hurricane Katrina Activists

Kony Activists