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Erika Hinman (2013): Psychology major, Anthropology minor

Alexandra Jones (2015): Anthropology major, Education minor

Natalie Tortorella (2014): Psychology major, Education minor

Lily Crane (2015): Anthropology major, Environmental Science minor

When our group was brainstorming the various humanitarian aid social movements, we had a few ideas. Initially, we thought it would be interesting to compare a natural disaster an international conflict. For the natural disaster, examples came up such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, or the Haiti Earthquake. In terms of an international conflict, we discussed choosing 9/11, Arab Spring, or Kony. Ultimately, we decided to compare and contrast Hurricane Katrina to Kony because of the vast differences in social media used and the overall length of the social movements. On our website pages you can find many comparisons between the two events as well as an interactive timeline. We hope you find our topics as interesting as we do!