In our portion of the website, we will analyze the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) as one of the primary actors in what is called radical environmentalism by some, and ecoterrorism by others.


In our Context section, we will try to explain what events and circumstances led to the formation of ELF.

In our Timeline section, we have a interactive sequence of major ELF events–from well before their creation, to when this site was made.

In our Media of the Movement section, we show and analyze some of the media made by ELF itself and made in response to ELF.

In our Experience of Activists section, we try to give some first-hand accounts of ELF members and try to emulate what was going through their heads before, during, and after ELF involvement.

In our Consequences of the Movement section, we try to analyze some of the outcomes that have come of ELF for its movement, for the Environmental Movement, and for other movements like it.

In our About Us section, we give some background information on us, including why we chose to study ELF.

Lastly, in our Works Cited section, we cite all of our sources that we have included throughout our section.