About Us


(From left to right)

Andrew Dagres (2014): Global Studies major, African American Studies minor

Shadey Trinidad (2015): American Studies major, Anthropology and Education double minor

Camila Notaro (2015): Global Studies major, Anthropology major


When our group sat down to determine which aspect of the Civil Rights Movement to focus on, we were deciding between violence and non-violence, in particular the paths of MLK and his non-violent followers and Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and their militant Black Panthers. We took a look at the difference of mindsets behind these two courses of civil disobedience and ultimately decided to trace the evolution of the Black Panther Party and the lasting impact that they left behind. Our website also includes first hand experiences of Colby Professor Cheryl Gilkes, media of the Black Panther Movement, a timeline chronicling the rise and fall of the movement and the consequences of this militant movement. We hope that you enjoy what we have put together and can hopefully learn as much about the Black Panthers as we have!