Study Abroad


Colby in St. Petersburg, established in 1992,¬†offers students from Colby or other colleges a semester of Russian language, history, and literature study in Russia’s second largest city, built by Peter the Great in the early eighteenth century. It is a glorious city of bridges and canals, whose western European architecture and geometrical street plan stand in sharp contrast to the sprawling traditional Russian architecture of Moscow. Students live in carefully chosen families and attend courses on a daily basis at the St. Petersburg Classical Gimnazia, where they can also participate as teaching assistants in the English language program. In most cases, with prior consultation, a student may enroll in an additional individual tutorial in a non-Russian subject matter, eg. anthropology, mathematics. A distinguishing feature of the Colby program in St. Petersburg is its size; by being small (no more than five students per semester) it can offer individualized instruction and a chance to participate fully in the life of a Russian school, as well as in a homestay.