Ovid at Colby

Colby College

Augustus suppressed Ovid’s more risqué works during his lifetime, and the poet’s works have faced occasional censorship ever since. But how has this bawdy poet fared with the modern academic establishment? Take a journey through a history of censorship at Colby College over the past two hundred years to investigate how, when, and why the works of Ovid disappeared from the curriculum.  What role did individual professors or Colby presidents play in removing authors or texts from the Latin syllabus? Did certain periods in American history prompt the withdrawal of particular works? Which other Latin authors were popular—or shunned—through the past two centuries of scholarship. We often take the Classics for granted, given that they were written so long ago, but this history of Ovid at Colby reveals just how dynamic the discipline has been over the decades, and how we must always be vigilant against censorship! Read full essay > >