History of Censorship

Banned Books in Rome
Augustus exiled Ovid in 8 A.D. with the apparent reason being his risqué poetry in the Ars Amatoria, and though this may not have been the primary reason for his exile, the censorship by Augustus is clear. Augustus also censored Senatorial declarations of procedure and anonymous attacks against any citizen. Read more >>
Banning Ovid
Ovid’s works may have been censored for longer than any other author. For over two thousand years, different authorities have deemed his works so immoral yet influential that the public could not safely read them! As a result, Ovid’s books have periodically been banned or expurgated (bowdlerized or sanitized). Read more >>
From Ovid to Rushdie
Ovid, Dante, and Rushdie. Renowned writers, separated by centuries, yet intimately connected by a common enemy: censorship. While Ovid was not the first author to be censored, many later writers drew strength from his example, and we can find traces of that strength in their respective works today. Read more >>
Colby in Winter: Miller Tower Through the Trees Ovid at Colby
Augustus suppressed Ovid’s more risqué works during his lifetime. But how has this bawdy poet fared with the modern academic establishment? Experience a detailed history of how Ovid was taught at Colby College over the past 200 years – and just how much he was censored wholesale! Read more >>