I reckon it was too good

My time in Australia was better than I could have ever asked for. While I have visited Melbourne due to my Dad’s family and dual citizenship, actually living there made the city and the experience come alive. There are many lessons I want to take away from my time abroad, but I think I will leave this blog with my top 3.

  • Being inclusive is above all- The people I met at Uni Melb were some of the most extraverted and welcoming people I have ever had the privilege of meet. They always had the mindset that saying hi was a must, even if you don’t know the other person too well, and that there was always room for one more. At Colby, I want to bring this mentality back. I want to be the inclusive people at Uni Melb that meant the world to me, even if they didn’t know how much I needed that invite, hello, or coffee.
  • Exam System- I learned to not leave everything to the last minute. For the exams in. Australia, you have less resources, the exams weigh more for your final grade, and there is no one to hold your hand through it all. This means that you have to be organized, self relient, and persistent.
  • We are beyond lucky for our advisory, professor, and administrative staff at Colby. While I absolutely loved my time at Uni Melb as elicited above, Uni Melb staff are not there for you to the same degree as Colby. I am beyond lucky that I better learned to advocate for myself while abroad, however  this also allowed me. To realize that I also need to take advantage of what Colby truly has to offer.

I absolutely loved my time at Uni Melb. I made life long friends, memories, and words to live by. I would not change those memories for the world


 Georgia Freeland.