Universal Solitude 

I will end my blog posts with a short paragraph from my research project on queer spaces. Through conducting my research, I have developed an added interest in queer solitude. This excerpt begins my initial theorization on the topic:

The final concept I will introduce in my theorization of queer spaces is a space created by a singular entity: solitude. While the previous locations were constructed by a collective under the jurisdiction of power structure, this space exists independently. For this example I will use the analogy of a room with one person inside, but this does not mean that those without homes, or those residing in other habitats that do not model US living structures cannot access this space. In fact, this solitude is discovered under the individual’s perception of their own privacy. Additionally, queer solitude is not completely, independently constructed as someone will bring their personal experiences, influenced opinions, and shared histories to this space. The multiplicity of imaginaries come into play within solitary space. Furthermore, what I believe to be queer about loneliness or isolation is the way in which the complexities of resistance as well as conformity can be embodied by a singular entity. I wanted to conclude my findings with the concept of solitude because it most easily taps into the persistence of queer imaginaries. These utopias can and do exist in the previous spaces, but I believe they flourish in isolation.