Salak and Bagged Fruit in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to explore all the amazing aspects of plants… fresh fruit abounds, many temples have well labeled landscaping, and most of the country is astoundingly alive. I tried snake fruit (also known as salek, a plant native to Indonesia)


from Maeklong Railway Market for the first time, and ate about 3 plates of mango sticky rice a day. Perhaps I had a bad batch, but the mango sticky rice was infinitely more palatable than the snake fruit. There are also small carts everywhere that cut up fruit on demand, served in the ubiquitous plastic bags thats are come with anything and everything. Many offer interesting sweet/salty/spicy powders on the side. A three hour train ride offered a beautiful look at what lies outside Bangkok.

Views from the train.
Acanthus ebracteatus, a small shrubby plant, at Wat Pho.
Bagged pineapple and mango.