What is a Digital Maine project?
Digital Maine projects vary in subject and take many forms. Nevertheless, they have certain elements and standards in common that we ask new contributors to adopt. The Digital Maine Team can provide substantial guidance in how to design a successful project and can offer many forms of support as the project develops.

Why do a Digital Maine project?
Digital Maine projects enable rewarding collaborations among students, faculty, staff, as well as those outside the Colby community. The work is interdisciplinary, collaborative, and increases the visibility of faculty and student scholarship.

Digital Maine projects must:

  • involve students in a substantive way
  • be about Maine
  • have a faculty sponsor

Digital Maine projects often:

  • use resources from Special Collections or the Museum
  • have community partners/connect the College to the larger community
  • preserve important resources
  • have storytelling as a central focus
  • focus on less well-known aspects of Maine‚Äôs diverse histories and cultures

Project documentation for Digital Maine projects is forthcoming.

Contact [email protected] with questions.