PCO – The Program-Coordinated Opportunity:

  • PCOs are off-campus opportunities curated by DavisConnects for students via the unique relationships we have with a growing number of science institutions.  We list these opportunities on Handshake, and you are strongly encouraged to set up a Handshake account early in your Colby career. 
    • You will see a Linde Packman Lab funding designation on the Handshake listings that are funded by the Linde Packman Lab.  These opportunities are offered exclusively for Colby students.
    • The list may change annually, but in the past it has included Montefiore Medical Center (Bronx), Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative, and Reboot Rx, for example. 
    • Note that these same institutions may list other non-Linde Packman opportunities on Handshake as well, and you may apply for both, but only the Linde Packman-designated positions are guaranteed exclusively for Colby students.
  • If funded by Linde Packman:  You will be required to register for one internship credit with Linde Packman Lab Director Andrea Tilden, and you will be required to submit a final report to her, the nature of which will be decided among you, Prof. Tilden, and your on-site mentor.  The final reporting may take the form of a written paper, a presentation, and a journal, and potentially a Student Experiences contribution.