ColbySTEM Alumni Stories:

Snap, Crackle, Crunch: For this team of food visionaries, insects are key to feeding the world. -By Susan Abram | Photography by Bret Hartman
What Are We Made Of? With National Science Foundation grant, physicist Hannah Bossi ’18 investigates existential questions. -By Laura Meader
Doors Pushed Open: For scientist Devin Gibbs ’14, doors to opportunity opened. -By Kardelen Koldas ’15 | Photography by Reed Hutchinson
Ben Hannon ’13: Where Climate Adds Fuel to the Fires. -By Gerry Boyle ’78 | Photography by Kari Greer
Illuminating the Blueprint of Disease: Amid a pandemic, Chaz Langelier ’00 decodes genetic patterns that can improve diagnoses. -By Christina Nunez
The Root of the Crisis: From opioids to COVID-19, Zoe Kaplan ’18 urges us to look at who pays the price. -By Gerry Boyle ’78
Bigger Picture: Mieko McKay ’01 works for the health of a continent. -By Gerry Boyle ’78 | Photography by Forrest MacCormack
A Better Way: An addiction specialist and a Colby statistician team up to develop groundbreaking treatment for opioid-addicted pregnant women. -By Gerry Boyle ’78 | Photography by Ben Wheeler
Children in Need: Pediatrician Kim Mukerjee ’06 finds her calling treating immigrant community in New Orleans. -By Helen Freund | Photography by Chris Granger

Life Saver: Kathryn Kosuda ’02, and Vaxess, may extend the global reach of vital vaccines. -By Andrew Clark

Matt Brown ’92: In Africa, Using Nature to Protect Nature. -By Christina Nunez
Katie Lebling ’10: In Search of Climate Solutions. -By Kardelen Koldas ’15

Matters of Life and Death: Helicopter paramedic Mike Choate ’97 flies to the rescue. -By Stephen Collins ’74, Photography by Fred Field
For the Children: Kids in Maine may have healthier lives thanks in part to Celeste Murtha ’17. -By Christina Dong ’17 | Photography by Michele Stapleton
Mindful of the Machine: August Bradley Cenname ’92 explains why three emerging technologies will change the world. -By Christina Nunez
A Molecular Chess Game: At Yale’s Newhouse Group, award-winning organic chemist Timothy Newhouse ’05 leads a team that makes new molecules with big implications. -By Christina Nunez