Smallest Creatures Could Change the Big Picture: Brian Kim ’18 connects plankton, microplastics, and climate change in Colby at Bigelow program research (with Rebecca Chmiel ’17). -By Stephen Collins ’74
Breaking Free of the Cultural Biases The Surround Women (+Math). -By Gerry Boyle ’78
Changing the Face of Science: “Extraordinary” sciences program gives students from underrepresented groups the tools to succeed. -By Gerry Boyle ’78 | Photography by Fred Field
Chris Krasniak ’16 spent a summer at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory via the INBRE Program, working to identify the role of a protein in the kidney’s filtration system.
Crash Course: Student team uses statistical modeling and Bigelow partnership to map moose-car collision hot zones (Yue “Anna” Yu ’19). -By Gerry Boyle ’78 and Max Slomiak
Designing a Future: Silicon Valley-born Brit Biddle ’19 melds tech and art on Mayflower Hill. -By Mareisa Weil
Welcome to Allen Island: Maine as a Laboratory.
$2-Million Gift from Colby Parent, Trustee Supports Data Science.
Symbols of Success: Around Justin Owumi’s (’14) neck, the Condon Medal now competes with his signature bowtie.
Davis Project for Peace Winners Sravya Bahudodda ’21 and Faiza Qazi ’21 to Initiate Menstrual Help for Refugees in Uganda
His Own Path: Henry Ackerman ’17 follows his head and his heart. -By Mareisa Weil
What Birds Tell Us: By playing the songs of chickadees, Katerina Faust ’14 may reveal forest secrets. -By Jacob McCarthy | Photography by Barb Walls
Left Brain / Right Brain: Andie Velazquez ’19 melds studio art and neurobiology—perfectly. -By Laura Meader
Science, but not fiction: Colby researchers consider how “extreme-ophiles” survive and thrive in world’s toughest places (Erika Smith ’19 and Em Shaw ’19). -By Gerry Boyle ’78 | Photography by Jason P. Smith
Maeve McGovern ’14: From Maine, Heading North—on Fulbright.
Early Start, Big Finish: Xiaoyue “Mike” Zheng ’20 sought—and found—high-level research at Colby. -By Kardelen Koldas ’15
Up to Code: Computer science majors join the team at CGI in Waterville (Austin Nantkes ’19 and Chris Marcello ’19). -By Caitlin Rogers ’19
Tech’s the Thing: Performing arts meets technology to stage a story of our times. -By Kardelen Koldas ’15