Philip Nyhus

Philip Nyhus, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Colby College

Philip Nyhus’ interdisciplinary research bridges the natural and social sciences to address human interactions with the environment. He is interested in policy and landscape dimensions of human-wildlife conflict and endangered species conservation, particularly tiger conservation. He has collaborated on large mammal conservation and research in Indonesia, China, and Africa, and projects using biodiversity risk assessment to inform conservation policy at local, regional, and global scales. Nyhus and his students are active in a variety of conservation initiatives in Maine. Nyhus is author and editor of over 50 articles, chapters, and books; reviewer for 20 journals and publishers; member of two IUCN specialist groups; and is Science Advisory Committee member of the Whooping Crane Easter Partnership.  Interviews and information about Nyhus have appeared in diverse media outlets, including New York Times, Time, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.