Gary Tabor

Gary Tabor, Executive Director of the Center for Large Landscape Conservation and Senior Fellow at the University of Montana’s Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy

Gary Tabor is a conservation biologist and wildlife veterinarian whose conservation achievements include the establishment of Kibale National Park in Uganda; establishment of the World Bank’s Mountain Gorilla Conservation Trust; co-founding the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative; pioneering the field of Conservation Medicine and Ecohealth; developing the Western Governors’ Association Wildlife Corridors Initiative; and co-founding Patagonia Company’s Freedom to Roam campaign to advance landscape connectivity conservation. Read more. He has worked on behalf of protected area and wilderness conservation internationally for 30 years, with 12 years as a leader within the U.S. environmental philanthropic community. Gary has served as Associate Director of the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, and Yellowstone to Yukon Program Director for the Wilburforce Foundation. His work in philanthropy also includes the design of international conservation trusts for USAID, and the World Bank. Gary co-founded the Australia Environmental Grantmakers Association and recently completed six years of service on the Board of Governors of the Society for Conservation Biology. He presently serves as an advisor to the US Government’s Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative and Co-Director of the Roundtable of the Crown of the Continent. Gary received his B.Sc. from Cornell, his V.M.D. from U Penn, and his M.E.S. from Yale.