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Goldie is back on Great Pond for 2016!


Goldie has been taken out of Great Pond for the 2014-15 Winter. She will be put back into the lake after the ice goes out in the spring of 2015.


Goldie is back in Great Pond for the 2o14 season.   We are adding two additional oxygen sensor just above and below the thermocline.   Look for the new sensors to come online in mid-June.

Goldie was removed from Great Pond in November 2013.  She will be back in lake as soon as the ice is gone in 2014.

A cold day in November

A cold day in November


A season of lake slim!

A season of lake slim!


Goldie was launched 4/25/2013 in the NorthWest Basin of Great Pond.


With the purchase and installation of a semi-permanent water quality monitoring buoy (Goldie) for Great Pond in Belgrade, ME, the project will receive vital data about the lake every 15 minutes. This information includes photosynthetically active radiation, dissolved oxygen, and temperature at various depths.

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