Bioshelter Lab

April 2018 Bioshelter Lab Experience

Lab Assignment due Tuesday, April 14th
20-minute interval weather and energy data from the bioshelterDCIM101GOPRO

A bioshelter is a solar greenhouse managed as an indoor ecosystem. In this course we will study the energy management and ecosystem properties of a small-scale, 18 foot diameter bioshelter located near campus.

There are several sensors both inside and outside the bioshelter that measure some of the physical properties that relate to the ecosystem. Specifically, we’re keeping track of energy consumption, temperature, humidity and light levels inside the shelter. Outside the shelter we’re measuring temperature, rainfall, light levels, barometric pressure, and wind speed and direction. Measurements are taken at 5 minute intervals and uploaded hourly to the WEB.

This bioshelter is one of the Growing Dome kits available from a company named Growing Spaces located in Colorado. The videos below illustrate a few of the features of their Growing Domes that play a role in your assignment for this lab.

Definition: Latent heat