Week 1

February 7, 2018 – Review of General Chemistry


Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Readings: The Carnot Limit, Kinetic TemperatureTemperatureInternal Energy, First Law, Heat, Second Law, Carnot Efficiency
Homework: CH141 Final Exam 2003 (due Tuesday, February 13th)
Laboratory Notes/Prep: Introduction to Colby’s Biomass Plant
Resources: Excel Tutorials, Slides, DWK Notes

Lab February 12, 2018 – Tour of Colby’s Biomass Facility

Meet at Colby’s Biomass Plant (Map) at 1pm sharp. Bring your lab notebook and a writing utensil to take notes
Activity: Discovery Lab on the payback period for Colby’s Biomass Plant. Fact Sheet.

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