Meet the Board

Co-Presidents – Spring 2016

Hannah Heyman ’16 and Chantal Naegeli ’18

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Hannah is a Psychology major from Westchester, New York. Besides working in Hillel, I enjoy spending my time mentoring for CCAK, volunteering at the Mid Maine Homeless Shelter, and working as a member of SPB. I love to cook and bake, and hope to be able to bring the joy from the kitchen into Hillel programming and events this year.


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My name is Chantal Naegeli and I am from Montclair, New Jersey. I am a sophomore at Colby, and will be double-majoring in Anthropology and in French. Apart from being on the Hillel board, I am also a part of CCAK, Maine Aspiration Tours, and Mediocre A Cappella group. The best part about Hillel is meeting so many cool people, and also the really great food!


Executive Board- Spring 2016

Jane Wiesenberg ’16 – Faculty Liaison and Thai and Torah Coordinator
Former Co-President: Jan 2014 – Dec 2014


Jane is a Government major from Mamaroneck, NY. Apart from Hillel, she is involved with the Goldfarb Center, Outside Colby, Colby Democrats, and CCAK. Last semester, she studied EU politics in Freiburg, Germany. Thai and Torah has been a highlight of Jane’s Hillel experience, and she is looking forward to another great semester of Shabbat dinners and growing the Hillel community!


Ryan Weeks ’16 – Website and Communication Coordinator
Former Co-President: Jan 2015- Jan 2016


Ryan is a senior from Framingham, MA majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematical Sciences. Along with being the Co-President of Hillel, Ryan is a varsity swimmer on Colby’s swimming and diving team, a CCAK mentor, andHe is very excited for his second semester as Co-President and looks forward to Hillel‘s continued growth!

His favorite part of Hillel are the weekly Shabbat dinners cooked by students. It is always a great way to finish off a stressful week of schoolwork with Hillel‘s diverse community of students!


Solon Arguello ’17 – Rabbi’s Assistant and Beth Israel Liaison
Former Co-President: Jan 2013 – May 2013
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Hi, my name is Solon Arguello. My role on the board is Beth Israel and Colby Hillel liaison, as well as working for Rabbi Rachel Isaacs as her student assistant. I’m originally from Miami, FL, and have really enjoyed working with Colby Hillel. I have been able to spend a Jan Plan in Tel Aviv, learn Hebrew, and spend Jewish holidays with the Jewish community at Colby, making it feel like home.


Alex Wolansky ’17 – Social Event Coordinator


Alex is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Economics and Sociology from Houston, Texas. In addition to Hillel, he is a member of the finance committee, a member of the investment club, a mentor for CCAK, and an avid snowboarder at the loaf. He is very excited for all of the upcoming Hillel events this spring!


Ilana Zyatitsky ’18 – Pugh Center Liaison

Ilana is a sophomore and a government or global studies major and minoring in Russian. Apart from Hillel, she is on the Crew Team and participated in Model UN. She looks forward to being on the Hillel board as being Jewish has always been an important part of her life.


Gabriella Foster ’19 – Shabbat Coordinator

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Gabby is from Nashua, New Hampshire and is a first-year here at Colby. When she isn’t hanging out in the Hillel room, you can find her either dancing in Runnals or singing in Bixler with the Colbyettes. She has greatly enjoyed leading Shabbat services on Friday nights and is looking forward to hosting some prayer learning sessions in the near future! Hillel is one of Gabby’s favorite groups at Colby and she is so excited for another three years of Hillel fun! (P.S. Gabby loves gelato, as is featured in her photo, and is hoping to host a Gelato Fiasco Hillel event before she graduates.)


Rachel Bird ’18 – Kitchen Coordinator


Hi! I’m a sophomore from Bethesda, Maryland. I’m planning to major in Anthropology and minor in something interesting that I haven’t decided on yet. I volunteer at the Waterville Humane Society, and I enjoy spending too much money at Selah Tea. I’m really excited to be more involved with Hillel this year. My absolute favorite Jewish holiday is Purim, which I like to describe as a sort of drunken version of Halloween. Every year Hillel and the Beth Israel Congregation host a Purim party with delicious food, a Megillah reading, and a hilarious skit that tells the story of Purim (with some comedic license — last year the skit starred Batman!) It’s always fun to have a chance to dress up on goofy costumes, and there are tons of groggers (noisemakers) for everyone, children and college students alike.

Jess Greenwald ’18 – Kitchen Coordinator

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Jess Greenwald is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. She is a Classic Civilization major with a minor in Creative Writing. She enjoys trying new recipes for shabbat dinners and will voluntarily eat any challah offered to her. Her favorite Jewish holiday might be Hanukkah because you’re supposed to eat fried food, or maybe Purim, because you’re supposed to wear costumes and drink. Her hobbies include talking about her dog, scarf-collecting, and writing lots of papers for classes.

Noa Gutow- Ellis ’19 – Israel Programming

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Noa Gutow-Ellis is a first-year & History major from Houston, Texas. Outside of Hillel, she mentors a local third grader through CCAK. She’s passionate about Israel, specifically what we can learn from studying the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. Noa loves Thai and Torah and weekly Shabbat dinners which both provide opportunities to eat, learn and have meaningful conversations with other Hillel members.


Michaela DiLoreto ’19 – Israel Programming


Michaela is a first year from Winchester, Massachusetts. When Michaela is not planning Israel-related programming for Hillel, she enjoys organizing events for Amnesty International and SGA, as well as volunteering at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. She loves going to weekly Shabbat dinners because they are a great way to have fun with friends and unwind after a busy week!


Juniors Abroad – Spring 2016

Cara Goldfarb ’17 –Studying in Denmark
Former Co-President: Feb 2015 – Dec 2015

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Cara is a junior and an Environmental Policy major from Chappaqua, NY. Apart from her involvement with Hillel, Cara is a Waterville Jewish Leadership Fellow, a COOT Leader (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips), a member of the Oak Student Committee, and the Co-Program Coordinator of the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter. In her free time she loves to travel, learn about other cultures, and spend time outdoors.

No matter how busy I am with schoolwork or extracurricular activities, I have always found a place of comfort within the Hillel community at Colby. With such a vibrant group of students and an abundance of great programming, I know that meaningful conversations will never be lacking (and most likely, neither will delicious homemade food). Hillel and its close connection to the Beth Israel Synagogue in Waterville bring a sense of home to Maine, and I could not imagine my Colby experience without them.

Amanda Kirsch ’17 – Studying in Israel

imageAmanda is a junior majoring in Biology from Atlanta, GA. She adores shabbat dinners and other Hillel events that take place regularly in the Colby community. Outside of Hillel, she volunteers weekly cooking and serving meals at the Mid-Maine homeless shelter. Amanda is currently planning on studying abroad in Israel this Spring.

Since it can be a bit difficult maintaining Jewish life outside of a big city when your family is not around, Hillel is a huge help when it comes to keeping Judaism a part of my life. From having regular shabbat dinners, to making easy ways to attend services and keep traditions around holidays, to even having random Jewish-related and bonding activities, I can’t imagine having a Jewish experience at Colby without Hillel.