Appointment Policies


We value every Writers’ Center appointment and hope students will use our services often. We do ask, however, that you not overuse your number of appointments, since we must ensure that every student has a chance to take advantage of peer tutoring. As a guideline, we ask you not to schedule more than two appointments in one day or three appointments in one week. If you need more, please consider signing up for WP112.

Back-to-Back Sessions

In the same spirit as the appointment limits, we also ask that you not book back-to-back sessions. You can do a lot in an hour, which is already a longer session than many peer-to-peer tutoring programs offer, and our tutors are trained to give you substantial feedback over the course of the hour. If you think you need to continue working with a tutor on a piece of writing, please make a second appointment that does not back up to the first.

Canceling Appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, you can do so from the appointment page on our website. Please make sure to cancel in advance so that another student may take the time slot.

Missed Appointments

We sympathize with hectic schedules, but we cannot condone missed appointments. A missed appointment is a missed opportunity for another student. Therefore, we have a one-miss grief policy. We will send you an email whenever you miss an appointment. If you miss appointments repeatedly without notice, you may lose your scheduling privileges.